Thomas Appel

6/13/1956 – 7/14/2020

Thomas Edward Appel was born to Clara & Cornelius (Bill) Appel in Coulterville, Illinois.

His father was a salesman after serving in the Vietnam War, and his mother was an entrepreneur, who raised their two sons, Mike & Tom, until they were old enough to move to Okinawa to be with their father, Bill, and his new mother, Elaine, with her 5 children. 

After spending 6 years in Okinawa, the family moved to Austin, Texas, where he went to Lanier High School.  He married Deanna Harding and had 3 children, Angel, Thomas Jr., and Joey.   Later he married Lisa Prnka. Tom moved to Fredonia, Az. in 1985 where he worked for his sister, Stacy Grosz, and brother in law, Wayne Grosz, of Kanab for 10 years at the Sound Room Radio Shack where he installed satellite systems, car stereos, and repaired electronics, and continued to work for Kent and Jeannie Hunt for 15 years after that.

 Tom was so proud of his work that he always put his initials, TEA. on all of his work. 

 Tom married Bonnie Choate, and united their family, Audra (Brown), Aaron (Long), and Rachel (Bunting).

Tom loved being a part of the Red Canyon Raiders where he, Jack Hodges, and Cherokee Hines would star in the shootouts around Kanab that really pleased the crowds of tourists that would gather for the shows. 

Tom kept busy with all of his thousands of projects, but always made time to make up his own special loures for his fishing trips.  

Tom was on the Volunteer Fire Department for both Kanab and Fredonia.

He met the love of his life, LeeAnn Woods, and they got married in 2015. They loved spending time at Jackson Flat Reservoir with their dogs, Honey Bun and Dundee.

Tom died of natural causes at the age of 64, with his beloved LeeAnn by his side. 

Tom is survived by his wife, LeeAnn, his mother Clara,  his children, Angel, Thomas Jr., and Joey, his brothers, Mike Appel, Jerry Thorn, his twin sisters, Connie and Terri, Stacy Grosz, and his half sister Melanie.


There will be a memorial service Aug. 1, 2020 at Jackson Flat Reservoir. 10:00 AM (AZ time)


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  1. Michael Appel July 19, 2020 at 9:03 pm - Reply

    His nearest and closest relative is his step sister,who he followed North from Austin,Texas, Mary STACY Thorn Gross and her husband Wayne who prosper in Kanab, Utah. The eldest of his twin sister is Connie Watkins with her husband Don live up in Washington state.His oldest step brother died a couple years ago in Texas, his name was Donald “Doc” Thorn. There is always the youngest Thorn, Jerome “Jerry” Carl Thorn.Teresa “Terry Thorn lives with her daughter in southern California.

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