Rose Reidhead

Rose passed away peacefully at her home in Kanab, Utah February 8, 2021 surrounded by her husband Arthur and family. She was born in Heber, Arizona to James Leslie Porter and Alice Lestra Bowler. She was so grateful to her caregivers for the loving care she received from the many members of her Ward and family members who were so gracious to bring food and lend a hand in meeting her needs.
Rose’s dad was a rancher and she developed a love for the outdoors helping him. She rode the horse while they planted and harvested the crop. Rose had a great childhood with lots of friends, mostly cousins. She loved to wrestle and was really good at it. She had a cousin who was her agent and challenged any boy that was willing to take her on. In fact in later years, she challenged the Stake Presidency to a wrestling match. Luckily for them they declined.
On August 12, 1943 Rosemarie married the love of her life Arthur Eugene Reidhead. They were later sealed in the Mesa Arizona Tempe on May11, 1945. Arthur was a logger and Rose fit right in helping him and raising a family. They had nine children: David Arthur -deceased, Larry Nelson (Judy), Barbara Rose -deceased, Stephen Allen (Tricia), John Wade, Owen Blake (Darla), Leslie Buchanan-deceased, Jonathan Scott (Michelle), and Marla Jean (Rick Westfall). They lived in Lindon, Utah; Wilcox, Arizona; San Carlos, Arizona; Safford, Arizona; Mesa, Arizona; Heber, Arizona; Taos, New Mexico; then to Kanab, Utah.
Art served in the Army December 1944 to July 1946. During this time Rose had a son David
Arthur, her first child. He was 6 months when Art left. She made do with the $50.00 per month she received from the government. She was always busy serving others. She said this made her happy and the time went by faster.
Rose had many opportunities to serve in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and served with all her heart. She was so easy to love and treated all she knew with love and kindness. Rose loved to make quilts, including baby, tied, pieced, and quilted quilts. She must have made hundreds of tied quilts for her family. Every one who got married received a quilt. She made or helped on dozens of Temple Tricot quilted quilts. She and her mother in law, Grandma Peggy, made 2 or 3 tied quilts a week together before grandma Peggy died. It was amazing how fast she could quilt. Every family in her family has a piece of her talent.
Rose was amazing on the piano. She played by ear. She only had to hear the tune once and she could play it. We have been blessed as a family to have a couple of professional tapes of her music. She loved to play her tunes in the dark, going from tune to tune. It was therapeutic I guess.
Art and Rose loved to work in Temple, and were active in that great work for many years. Rose filled a full time mission with her husband to Hawaii, and even got to work a little in New Zealand and Australia.
During the time Art was in business, she was constantly running for parts, hauling tires, moving trailers to new work sites, delivering advances to workers and following the road Grader while Art graded the roads. Art would send her to the bank when he needed a loan to continue in the business, she had such an honest face the banker couldn’t tell her no. In her spare time she raised 9 children. Rose had a lead foot when it came to driving, but the Highway Patrolmen couldn’t bear to give her a ticket. She knew them all by name. Once an Officer got on speaker and said “Rose, will you slow that thing down!”.
Rose loved her 35 years in Kanab. 35 years. She loved the people even more and she was loved in return. Rose and Art were married for 77 ½ years. She will be missed by all her posterity; 9 children, 48 Grandchildren, 186 Great Grandchildren, and 24 Great Great Grandchildren.
Services for Rose were handled by Mosdell Mortuary. Viewing will be Friday, February 19 from 6:00 to 8:00 PM for friends and family at the Mortuary. Graveside Service at 12:00 Noon will be at the Kanab Cemetery. Address for Mosdell Mortuary is 676 South Highway 89A Kanab, Utah 84741, phone 435-644-2214.

The graveside service will be livestreamed. Those wishing to watch the services online may do so through the link below. The link will go active about 11:50am Prior to the graveside.


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  1. Marvel Bigler Hatch February 20, 2021 at 2:14 am - Reply

    Amazing women an my 2nd Mother . With all my love to her family . Tell we meet again .

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