Larry McAllister

Lawrence Boyd “Larry” McAllister, 91, of Lebanon, Oregon, passed away on June 4, 2024. He was born on December 10th, 1932, in Kanab, Utah, in the very same upstairs bathtub in the historical Pugh house that his mother had been born in just 22 years earlier. His parents were Boyd Young and LaVerde (Pugh) McAllister. He loved his Kanab heritage, being a descendant of nearly all of the founding Kanab families.
Larry loved growing up in Kanab. He has written many stories about his wonderful childhood. One of his greatest lifelong treasures was his arrowhead collection from all of his hiking and hunting around the beautiful red hills he loved so dearly. He was able to participate as an extra, also, in many of the old western movies that were filmed there. He loved to explain how he and the other Kanab boys were usually the Calvary, while the Fredonia boys were the Indians.
After graduating from high school Larry served a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He was called to the Southern California mission. For the last several months of his mission he was the assistant to the president. He recalls driving the mission president to appointments not only all-over Southern California, but even to Las Vegas NV, and Phoenix AZ which were all part of the mission then in the early 1950s. He would marvel at how many missions encompass those areas now.
While on his mission, he was able to teach the Elmo and Dorothy Harte family the gospel and baptize them into the church. They had a daughter, Cheryl, who had caught Larry’s eye, and after his mission he made arrangements to visit their family again. It wasn’t too long before he and Cheryl were head over heels in love. They were married on August 31st, 1956, and started their journey together which turned out to be 66+ years.
From the time Larry was small he loved to sing and play every musical instrument he could get his hands on. He participated in every school play. He loved acting, and entertaining. When it was time for him to choose a career, it was just natural for him to choose being a schoolteacher specializing in theater and drama. Throughout his teaching career, he directed most every popular Broadway musical. He also loved acting in local community productions as well and was the lead in 50 plus plays throughout his life. When we asked him his favorite, he always responded… Any of Gilbert and Sullivan! He loved sharing his talents. He sang at hundreds of weddings, funerals, church, and other special occasions throughout the years. People always commented on his powerful, and pleasing voice.
Larry chose to bring his family from Southern California to Lebanon, Oregon in 1969. They dreamed of owning a little farm, and Lebanon seemed like the perfect place to settle down. They found a property with a few acres, containing some prune trees, and raspberries. He ordered a do-it-yourself build-your-own-house kit from Capp Homes in 1970 and used all of the knowledge his father had taught him in the construction business growing up to build his own house. He has enjoyed his house and little farm immensely these last 54 years with his favorite activities of gardening and picking cherries. These last couple years, even as his health was failing, he still loved to go outside, do the farmwork, and mow the lawns.
Larry always loved to travel. He, and Cheryl, being schoolteachers, would plan fun family summer vacations every year. He understood travelling was one of the best forms of education. After He and Cheryl retired, they were able to visit most every country in the world.
Being an English teacher, he developed a love for writing. He has left many volumes of personal stories for his large and ever-growing family. He also was able to write many volumes on his many diverse travel adventures.
Larry’s greatest love was his family. He truly was devoted to his wife Cheryl. He missed her dearly this last year after over 66 years together. He was an amazing father to his 7 children, and many grand, and great grandchildren. There was hardly a day that went by when he didn’t include them in all his fun daily activities. He will be sorely missed.
He is survived by 6 of his children, Cherie Sue (Randy) Schachterle, Dale (Kelly) McAllister, Mark (Stacy) McAllister, Laurie (Rick) Miller, Evan (Rebecca) McAllister, and Kirk (Mandy) McAllister. His brother, Byron (Janice) McAllister, and sisters Ida Lue (Laurence) Reese, and Mary (Leland) Spencer. Sister-in-law Donna McAllister, and many grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. He was preceded in death by his beloved wife, Cheryl, daughter Kathy Lou, brothers Sam, and Dean, and sister Charnelle.
Viewing will be 10:00 am Saturday June 8th at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Lebanon. A funeral service will follow at 11:00 am. Viewing and graveside service will be 10:00 am Monday June 10th at Mosdell Mortuary and Kanab City Cemetery in Kanab, Utah. Sweet Home Funeral Chapel is handling arrangements.


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