Ivan F. Black Sr

     How do you conjure up in just a few short paragraphs someone’s life? Especially someone like my father? I can barely put into words on how formidable of a person he was. That he worked so hard to provide for his family. How he still provided up until he wasn’t able to. That he was possibly the most giving and understanding person I’ve ever known and that his love for his children was everlasting. 

     Ivan Francis Black was born on a cold February morning in 1950. He was the 8th child of Leonard Black and Vera Johnson Black. I don’t know much about my fathers childhood, but I know he was raised in Colorado City AZ with 10 siblings and many half siblings. He was drafted to South Korea in 1970 and remained there until his discharge in 1972. My father told me a story that when he was younger he was driving down the road with one of his brothers and he saw my mom in a yard with some of her siblings. He told his brother that one day he was going to marry that girl and he did! In September on 1975 he  married our mom, Linnan Bateman. They were married for 18 years and had 11 children. During their marriage father worked as a mechanic for St. George Ford. He worked for them nearly 30 years until he was required to take early retirement after suffering a heart attack. He continued to work as a mechanic until the day he fell ill. He loved working on vehicles in his private shop alongside his son, Bronnie. 

     After his heart attack and triple bypass surgery father began to watch his diet and to get plenty of exercise. He loved riding his bike, cooking well balanced meals, and working in his vegetable garden; where he kept most of his children in supply of fresh veggies! In 2014 my father met and soon after married the second love of his life, Mary Elliot. They both enjoyed singing together for friends and family. They loved playing boards games and father loved winning! They enjoyed the company of others very much. Especially their children and many grandchildren. Unfortunately we lost Mary this last August and my father missed her grievously. 

     On Oct 9th at Provo Utah Valley Hospital surrounded by his loving children our father passed away. The best man many of us have ever known. He will be missed by so many. Particularly his children, Ivan F. Black JR, Tansie Bateman, Gwendolyn Black, Joshua K. Black, Desilene Black, Vonee D. (Dan) Smalling, Anjuli Black, Connell R.Black, Bronnie L. Black, R. Sky Black, and many grandchildren. 

     He will be remembered warmly by his siblings, Orson Black, Lillian Black, Spencer Black, Elsie Jessop, Emily Richter, Wilford Black, Vaugh Black, Sheldon Black and Harold Black. 

 He is preceded in death by his parents, Vera and Leonard Black, daughter, Linnan B. Blackham, wife, Mary E. Black, former wife, Linnan Bateman, and sister, Colleen Black. 

     There will never be a day that we won’t think of you and how wonderful you were. We love you father and thank you for all you’ve done for us. We were so lucky to have had you in our lives. 

    Funeral service will take place at Issac Carling Cemetery in Colorado City AZ at 2pm Utah time on Friday, October 15, 2021.

    “No matter how far apart or wherever you maybe, always in my heart keeps you here with me.”


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