Edward Richardson

Edwards Richardson age 71 of Fredonia, Arizona passed away on June 21, 2018 at Dixie Regional Hospital in St. George, Utah.  He was born in Rock Springs, Wyoming on March 20, 1947 to Roy and DeEtta Richardson.  He was the oldest of 11 children.  In his younger years he grew up in Manila, Utah.  He often spoke of his time growing up in Manila, Utah.  His family moved to Green River Wyoming where he graduated from Lincoln High in 1966.  In Green River at Lincoln High he was on the football team which was his joy during this period of time.  After graduating in Green River, Wyoming he joined the Marines.  He served for seven years in the Marines.

Ed was a wonderful big growly grumpy teddy bear of the man that cause people to instantly like him despite himself.  He made an impression on people causing them to remember him with respect and admiration.  He was often unaware of how people responded to him.  This is because he simply enjoyed people.

The Marines allowed him to travel the world and seeing many things.  While in the Marines he married and divorced Maritha.  After leaving the Marines he married Janet and returned to Green River, Wyoming. His marriage to Janet dissolved when she want to return to Ohio and her family.  Shortly after he reconnected with a high school friend Christina Yancy and they married November 3, 1978.  After they married he hired on with Halliburton to work on the North Slope of Alaska.  He left Halliburton and return to Wyoming after a few years.  He missed Alaska and returned within a year or so.  It was he was his favorite place to call home.  He often dreamed about being an Alaska mountain man.  However he did find it necessary to return to the lower 48 due to family and he eventually hired on with the State of Utah as a Port Of Entry Agent and Truck Inspector.  He worked for the State of Utah until he retired.  While working for the State of Utah he was living in Evanston, Wyoming, he became very familiar with the Unita Mountains.  These were his favorite stomping grounds.  He and his family spent many hours hiking around and exploring them.

Due to his health in 2002, he and his wife Christina moved to Fredonia Arizona.  His wife Christina of 25 years passed away six months after they moved to Fredonia.  On June 12, 2004 he remarried to Paula Yancy, a resident of Fredonia, his best friend and sister-in-law, with the blessings of their children.  They had 14 years of a loving, blessed marriage.

Ed is survived by his wife Paula, his daughters Morgan Wynne, Candy and Brandy, stepson Mark Force, his sisters Sherry and Linda, his brothers David, Irwin, Monty, James, Melvin, Kelly and Paul, his 19 grandchildren and 6 great grandchildren.

He was preceded in death by his father Roy, mother DeEtta, brother Johnny, wife Christina and stepdaughter Tyra Chrisman

Memorial Services will be held at Mosdell Mortuary on Friday 29th at 11 am UT time.  Burial will follow in Fredonia at the Fredonia Cemetery.

Arrangements were made under the directions of Mosdell Mortuary, Kanab, Utah.


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