Together Forever

In 1962, Barbara and Bob were set up on a blind date. Bob was a rough around the edges government road surveyor working in Cottonwood Canyon, Barbara was a secretary for the geologists at Geneva Steel. He was immediately smitten but she required some convincing.

He ultimately won her over with his tenacity, and his silver tongue: “I don’t know why I always like women who are so independent they’re almost masculine.” Mostly it was his tenacity. They were married on November 1, 1962, in Santa Barbara, California. Bob never had eyes for anyone else and for the rest of his life marveled at his good fortune that Barbara would consent to marry him. Toward the end of her life Barbara often said, “He drives me crazy, but I just don’t know what I’d do without him.” They weathered a lot of health challenges in their later years, but took care of and kept living for each other. Barbara and Bob lived in Buffalo, Wyoming; Denver, Colorado; Moab, Utah, and Cedar City, Utah, before they settled in Kanab and built their business, the Kanab Frostop, which they successfully operated for 30 years. They enjoyed most of the associations they established in that capacity, with a few notable exceptions.

Barbara supported Bob when he served as a county commissioner, and they were both active in the Lion’s Club and American Legion. They had a delightful time traveling and meeting new people as they served.

They were proud of their daughters Lynn (Barry) Nielsen, and Gina (Mark) Lloyd, and delighted in their grandchildren: Devin (and Kristen); Derek (and Jenna); Alec (and Kia); Madelin (and Wyatt); and Allie. Barbara and Bob so enjoyed supporting the grandchildren in their musical, athletic, and dance endeavors. The great-grands, Amillia, Olivia, and Lilly were the icing on the cake. They would have been thrilled to know they have another one on the way.

Bob was visiting Barbara in the care facility when he fell ill, he passed a few minutes later. Barbara followed her husband through the veil 9 hours later early Sunday Morning.


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  1. Susan Honey March 8, 2022 at 3:05 pm - Reply

    What a beautiful obituary and story. Your parents were such hard working Beautiful people! God. Bless you and your families Lynn and Gina!

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