Peyton Reidhead

Peyton Mitchell Reidhead passed away suddenly at the age of 19 on April 25, 2023, at his home in Tucson, Arizona.  He was born on Feb 26, 2004, in Tucson, Arizona to Nolan Quinn Reidhead and Scottia Rae Johnson Reidhead.  Peyton was the youngest of five children.  He was a very loving, tender-hearted young man.  He was a joy to be around.

Throughout his life he participated in boy scouts of America earning the rank of “Life”.  He was a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  There are so many fun memories. 

One time Christmas morning all the kids came down the stairs to see what Santa brought.  When Peyton was still on the stairs, he was looking at all his gifts, but the first thing he said was “Where did Santa go?”. 

His sister Morgan remembers him sitting naked in a water cooler full of water when he was about 5.  It was his version of a swimming pool.  It gets pretty hot in Tucson.

Peyton was obsessed with inflatable lawn decorations during the holidays, only he called them “Pumpers”.  He always wanted to stop at everyone’s house that had “pumpers” and he would go around to the back of them to see what made them work.  He wasn’t very old, but we thought he might become an engineer.  It began a tradition at the Reidhead house to find a new “pumper” each year for their own yard. This will continue to be a tradition each year in honor of Peyton.

He couldn’t wait to turn 5, so he would be able to go to Cousin’s Camp at Grandma’s house each summer for a week.  He actually got to go at age 4.  He was so excited.  When Grandpa said to get your sleeping bags rolled up and packed, he was the first one to have it all done.  He rolled up his sleeping bag perfectly.  He loved fishing, especially when he learned how to clean the fish.

Peyton was a good baseball player in his younger years.  Morgan liked giving him tips on do’s and don’ts.  When they were having a big championship game and he was nervous, he liked to listen to the song “Don’t worry, Be Happy”.  He enjoyed playing football in Junior High.  He looked so handsome in his football uniform.  He also enjoyed playing golf and was taking golf lessons his freshman year.

In the 8th grade he was in a musical where he was the leading man.  He sang “Save the Last Dance for me”.  He did such a wonderful job.

Peyton took three years of culinary in high school, and that started him on his love of cooking and becoming a chef.  He made the Thanksgiving potatoes one year and they were delicious.  He also made the best hamburgers.  He had to have the special ingredients like portobello mushrooms, the right cheese and specific herbs and spices to season it just right. 

Peyton worked hard to graduate early from High School. He would take summer classes every year to earn enough credits.  This was especially hard during COVID, but he did it.  He graduated from his Seminary program, which was held at 6:30 am everyday at the church even after he graduated early from high school.

A couple of days before Peyton passed away, he gave his sister Morgan some advice.  He said, “Don’t do something if you can’t be the best at it.  If you want something go for it!”  Morgan said Peyton had an old soul.

Peyton used to say he wished he grew up during the 80’s.  He loved the music especially Daryl Hall and John Oats, Billy Ocean and even Elvis!

When Peyton set his mind to something he did it.  When he set out to graduate High School early, he did it.  When he wanted to lose weight, he did it.  When he needed to find a job, he did and very quickly.  He was a hard worker.  He worked at some high-end restaurants, and he was the youngest chef there.

He is leaving a hole in all our hearts, and we are all going to miss him so much. His cute smile, his sense of fashion, his willingness to help.  He didn’t mince words and always told you straight up if you needed to change or do something different.

Peyton is survived by his loving parents, Scottia and Nolan, his siblings:  Jaycee, Meghan, Dalton, and Morgan.  Grand Parents Larry and Judy Reidhead and Scott and RaeLene Johnson and Aunts and Uncles, and many, many cousins.   

A viewing and funeral will be held Friday, May 5, 2023, at 9:00-9:45 am with the funeral following at 10:00 am at the LDS Church, 55 Arrowsmith Dr in Oro Valley, AZ.  Peyton will be buried in Kanab, Utah on Saturday, May 6, 2023.  A viewing will be held at the Mosdell Mortuary at 11:00 am.  The burial will follow at the Kanab Cemetery.


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