As of last Thursday, March 12, 2020, the local and state health and government officials, and several of the local church leaderships, have been in touch with us requesting that we limit gatherings to help with the COVID-19 response.  In keeping with these guidelines, which is what they are at this point, we will be asking families to plan simpler and smaller services until further notice. Please be mindful that this is an effort to help health officials, our hospital and health care workers, and public officials be able to have the resources to respond to what happens in the next month, and respect their requests.  We fully support all their actions in trying to keep us as safe and secure as possible.

As a suggestion, we will be encouraging those who still would like a more formal gathering to have a memorial for their loved ones later once this has run its course.  We will make sure any delayed memorials are advertised to the public well in advance.

To further help the local officials, we suggest that visits to families be kept to a minimum, with phone calls or other means used to express condolences.  Please coordinate help such as meals, visits, etc. through already established church or friend groups to minimize contact.

We are grateful that if we have to be in this situation, we are here in our area with good people who have planned, prepared, and will pull together to help one another.  Feel free to call us with questions or concerns.

As a side note, all three of us Mosdell Boys have been and are still very involved in community emergency services.  We have well established plans in place to deal with any eventualities, and have been involved with the many officials on a city, county, and state level for just such emergencies.  We feel extremely confidant that our local areas will be seen to have some of the best possible responses to this crisis.


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