Norman Taylor

Norman Taylor passed away on March 17, 2022 at high noon. He was born on Sept. 1, 1932, he was 89 years old. He is survived by his wife of 54 years, Peggy Taylor, son Billy, daughter-in-law Catherine, grandson Brandon, granddaughter Holland, great granddaughter Kaylee. His daughter Tamara and granddaughter Tori, both deceased. He was a loving husband, father, grandfather, brother and uncle. Norm led his life in a grand manner. In his early years he built airplane engines and put them in roadsters, which he raced at Bonneville, and set a new record. He then became interested in circle boat racing and for many years he raced all over the country, winning the national championship for the E racing runabout. We eventually settled in Murrieta Calif, population 280, in the 1970’s , he settled on a few horses, however, he turned to riding mules, which was his passion. Norm was a Korean War Veteran, has raced cars and boats, was a cowboy, and an innovator in making barn wood furniture, starting in the early 1980’s, and in 2003 we moved to Kanab. Kanab has been his love and he cherished his friendships deeply. We are grateful for the outreach and support we have received from those that loved him. Norm will be missed in many areas and especially by his family. It has been a 58 year extraordinary trail ride and those memories will live on and are cherished by all that knew him. Rest in peace Norm we all love you.

There will be a Cowboy Gathering a Celebration of Norm Taylor’s Life at High Noon on Saturday, April 30, 2022 at the Taylor Ranch, 898 Grand Canyon Drive, Kanab.


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  1. Son Billy March 30, 2022 at 6:48 pm - Reply

    Once once in awhile Great Men come and go and my dad was one of them. From the time he came into my life at a young age I have nothing but great memories. He always made sure that the family was taken care of and happy. There never was a dull moment From his boat racing career that I was so involved with. I was completely proud of my dad. Everything he’s done in his life he did with a passion for winning and doing the best job possible at everything. I will never forget you God bless you Dad and thanks for the great memories. Love Billy

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