Clara Tendler Park

Clara joined with her family on the other side in a long awaited joyful reunion with her family at the age of ninety-nine October 22, 2023. She was born in Sao Paulo Brazil in May 1924 to Simon and Anita Tendler.
In Brazil she was a correspondent to all salesmen for Alpargatas, a British company that made shoes. From there she was offered a job at Goodyear where she worked as a secretary, her last job in Brazil before coming to America was with Price Waterhouse in Rio de Janiero.
She came to Orem Utah in her twenties and became a citizen never missed voting in her new country that she loved.
Clara worked at Brigham Young University and Geneva Steel for the touring dignitaries speaking Portuguese and Spanish. She also worked at the Orem cannery managing the Spanish speaking employees.
She was married to Weston Harold Park and they had two children Cassandra Alene Williams and Gale Lorraine Chamberlain. They were later sealed in the Manti temple. Clara and Wes built Three Way Builders Supply in Orem, a successful lumberyard where she was until later building another business Clara T Park Optical. She was the first woman on the OLA Optical Laboratory Association board in New York City up until then it had always been men only. She was one of the first women to go on the road selling optical to doctors in five states. She worked hard all her life and never took a handout.
She is survived by her two daughters Cassandra “Cassy” Alene Williams (Ted Williams deceased), Gale Lorraine Chamberlain (Michael Chamberlain), four grandchildren Chandler Buckley (Shelly Buckley), Vanessa Baird (Tyler Baird), Jenny Fa (Vuna Fa), Ted Williams and eleven great grandchildren and three great great grandchildren.
Funeral services will be held Monday, Oct. 30, 2023 in the Glendale church at 12:00 Noon. Burial will be in the Glendale Utah Cemetery. Arrangements were made with Mosdell Mortuary of Kanab Utah.



  1. Rene` Sandvik Warnick October 25, 2023 at 5:52 pm - Reply

    Cassy, this is Rene` Sandvik Warnick. I just saw your mother’s obituary. I’m so sorry for your loss. I think of you and your mother fondly. I always thought she was so beautiful! So many childhood memories of your house and swimming pool!

  2. Marianne Despain October 28, 2023 at 5:52 pm - Reply

    So sad for you to lose your mother. God knew what he was doing when he blessed us with mothers. I grew up in the Orem neighborhood by your family. Clara always intrigued me as a young girl because of her poise, elegance and unique beauty. I thought she resembled Elizabeth Taylor. She was glamorous enough to be a movie star in my eyes. I loved her fashion sense! I kind of idolized her. Once I was walking in front of your house and she came outside. We talked for a minute and she invited me inside. I was in awe of the beauty of your home and how much it reflected Clara. We enjoyed some drink, I think maybe some juice. She made me feel special. I would walk or ride by the house often to try to get to see her and visit again. Whenever i saw her she was very warm and gracious.I wish I had the chance to know her better. The words of her obituary certainly confirm what a strong, fearless and courageous woman. ❤️

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